Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Just Thinking...

I've been reading a graphic novel called THE SURROGATES that an agent recommended to me, and it's just terrific. Makes me want to publish more (good) graphic novels (I edited one that's coming out next July). Makes me want to write one at some point. There's just something about a good graphic novel that makes you feel like you're reading a true work of art. Plus one of the guys who wrote THE SURROGATES started out in the industry working in the mail room at his eventual publisher. Gotta respek that.

In case you haven't noticed, graphic novels are the new "it" trend in publishing. Thanks to tremendous mainstream attention due to some high profile film adaptations ("V For Vendetta," "Sin City"), and major profiles of the bigger names (Alan Moore, Frank Miller), the graphic novel market is booming. Means more mainstream publishers who previously shunned graphic novels as "geeky" now realize that there are a whole lot of geeks out there. Not to mention the entire notion of a geek is hideously outdated, considering that most things considered geeky (graphic novels, comic books, video games, blogs) are actually more popular than things considered "hip."

In fact, I'd like to be the first person to say that "geeky" is the new "hip." And "hip" is the new "lad lit."


Blogger Steve Malley said...

I've been raking out the driveway, for when they back up the dumptruck full of money. :-)

Actually, Hyperion and all the rest jumping into graphic novels is a bit confusing. For years, the industry standard has been 50% of profits and no advances. ANd agents wouldn't touch us with a bargepole, not after the debacle in the 90's.

I wonder what'll happen now. The mainstreams doing business like the indies, or Top Shelf, Dark Horse and DQ screening submissions through agents and engaging in 7-figure auctions...

One thing's for sure, it's an exciting time to be able to write and draw.

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