Tuesday, April 24, 2007


I couldn't think of a better post title.

RIP David Halberstam. Another huge blow to the literary establishment, as another one of its giants leaves before he was ready. Halberstam is perhaps best known for his reporting on the Vietnam war and his book THE BEST AND THE BRIGHTEST. In addition, he is widely regarded as one of the greatest sportswriters of his time. THE EDUCATION OF A COACH is likely the best book to come out of the Patriots recent dynasty, and could be as close to an autobiography of Bill Belichick as we ever get. Halberstam was apparently working on a book to be published this fall, hopefully it will be released as a fitting coda to an incredible and influential life.

Edgar festivities kick off tonight with the annual preparty at the Black Orchid. I went last year, my very first event as an author, barely knew a soul and ended up wandering in and out of awkward conversations. This year should be smoother, partially because I know a lot more of the usual suspects and live so darn close to Bonnie and Joe's place. Expect many reports chock full of name-dropping goodness (and at least one photo of DAVE with a beer bottle on his head).

Tomorrow morning I fly out to Houston for the Romantic Times Booklovers Convention. I'm on two panels: "Hooks that Shock" and "Is It Just Another Thrill?". I'm a little nervous for this convention, as I've heard rumors about costume parties, half naked male models (who have hopefully practiced their Blue Steel) and people dressed like wood nymphs. Several attendees have been gracious enough to assuage my fears, but if I end up weeping in a corner with Rick Mofina and Shane Gericke you'll know why. Jim Butcher is scheduled to be there as well, and if anyone knows about wood nymphs it's Harry Dresden.

Publishers Weekly ran their "Maiden Mystery" article in this week's issue. It features Killer Year's own Brett Battles and his debut novel THE CLEANER, as well as 8 other debut crime novels. PW also reports on the formation and ongoing success of Killer Year, though someone pointed out that none of the KY authors starred in a tv show called "Grace Under Fire."

I was interviewed for the article in a sidebar on Editors Who Write, alongside Colin Harrison, Kate White and Peter Gethers (aka Russell Andrews). Fine company, I must say.

Lastly, I AM going to attempt a running diary of the RT Convention (or least a diary), but it depends on internet access, force majure, and the aggressiveness of the wood nymphs. Check back tomorrow to see if it pans out.

Also, tonight will mark the first public appearance by our 5 month old dog Wilson (aka The Puppy in Black). If you're planning to be at the Black Orchid tonight, say hello.


Blogger Brett Battles said...

Ah...Brett Butler...an icon of our cultural greatness...

12:47 PM  
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