Sunday, July 15, 2007

Brief Notes from ThrillerFest 2007

--Congratulations to Joseph Finder (KILLER INSTINCT), Nick Stone (MR. CLARINET), Eric Roth ("The Good Shepherd") and P.J Parrish (AN UNQUIET GRAVE), receipients of the 2007 Thriller Awards.
--Even though I live in New York, I was still appalled by the price-gouging (i.e. $3.00 for a "New York" bagel).
--A $4.00 cup of coffee seems like a bargain when you get five refills.
--The "First Blood" debut author breakfast was terrific. Many first-timers (myself included) were unnerved by the format (22 authors each giving a one-minute book pitch to a room of 300), but it went smoothly, thanks in no small part to the great M.C. skills of Lee Child. In case that whole Jack Reacher thing doesn't pan out, Lee, they are looking for a new co-host for "The View"...
--Harley Jane Kozak is jacked. She could totally kick Scott Bakula's ass in "Necessary Roughness 2."
--The sex and booze panel was a hit for the second straight year, even if M.J. Rose had a hard time "getting it up." Hee hee.
--My panel with Neil Nyren, Tess Gerritsen, David J. Montgomery and Matt Baldacci could have gone another two hours easy. Lots of great questions, and needless to say we only scratched the tip of the tip of the iceberg.
--When introducing people, I need to stop offering up their entire life story. (Bill, meet Ted. Ted is the bestselling author of "Heebie Jeebie," lives in Montana with his wife and son, windsurfs on odd Tuesdays, and has an affinity for crawfish).
--My most meaningful fan interaction of the conference was meeting Brett King, a psychologist from Colorado, who read THE MARK and was impressed by the character depth of Henry and Amanda, even more so when he learned I hadn't done specific psychological research. Since it was so important to me that Henry and Amanda be flesh and blood characters, Brett's comments truly struck a nerve.
--Ain't no party like a St. Martin's party 'cause a St. Martin's party don't stop. Until the hotel staff literally rolls the bar away.
--Speaking of which, the SMP party went from "invite only" to "come if you are breathing" in about 0.2 seconds.
--Jeffery Deaver plays a wicked acoustic guitar.
--Line of the conference, runner up (during the P.I. panel):
P.J. Parrish: What would you do if you woke up one morning, naked in bed, with a dead hooker lying next to you?"
Dave White: "Well today I came to ThrillerFest."
--Line of the conference:
James Patterson, in his ThrillerMaster acceptance speech during the banquet's 17th hour, "I'm used to reading and writing books that have a fast pace, that crackle. I feel like tonight I stepped into Finnegan's Wake."

More to come...


Blogger Dave White said...

A runner up to James Patterson? I'm not sure whether I should feel privileged or dirty.

9:23 PM  
Blogger Naomi Hirahara said...

Instead of being at ThrillerFest, I was in a Costco in Torrance, California, where I spied a healthy stack of THE MARK beside Diane Mott Davidson's book and, I think, one by Dean Koontz. I took a picture with my cell phone ("what are you doing?" the husband asked) but I don't know how to download the image to my computer! So you are going to have to just trust me.

9:50 AM  
Blogger Bill Cameron said...

On my way home after connecting in Cincy for Portland, the fellow in the seat next to me was reading The Mark. No shit, man, and he was digging it.

12:24 PM  
Blogger Jason Pinter said...

Bill, Naomi, that's just so cool, thanks a lot. Naomi, if there's any chance you can upload it, Im dying to put that up. (since there are no Wal-Marts or price clubs in NYC, I really haven't seen THE MARK anywhere outside of chains and indies)

5:01 PM  
Blogger Stacey Cochran said...

Jason, Dave, and Bill,

What a blast! It was great meeting you all at Thrillerfest.

I've put some kick-ass photos up on my blog, including ones with James Patterson, Jeffrey Deaver, Lisa Gardner, Heather Graham, and a bunch of others.

Check them out!

What a weekend! You guys are awesome.


11:38 AM  

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