Tuesday, February 19, 2008

"...one of the best thrillers this year..."

I'm back from a short vacation. Batteries recharged, my skin only slightly crispy. And I have a freshly copyedited manuscript on my desk that requires urgent attention.

In just one week my second novel, THE GUILTY, hits stores. I'm feeling butterflies just as I did when THE MARK came out last summer. These are slightly different butterflies, since as a writer you want to progress, write better stuff, and nobody wants to see the words "sophomore slump" in a review. The story for THE GUILTY is more complex than THE MARK. It required more research and a tighter hand weaving several storylines together, hoping all the threads created one taut narrative rope.

So when I read reviews like this one, from Kevin Lucia in the Press & Sun-Bulletin, those butterflies do a happy little butterfly dance of joy.

Just one week to go...

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Blogger Harry Markov said...

That really is a great review. I guessthe nasty butterflies never go away even when you are published. Don't over worry.

2:25 PM  

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