Monday, April 21, 2008

The Man in Black Turns Two!

On April 25th, The Man in Black will celebrate its 2nd anniversary. And since blogs can't actually celebrate (For now. I expect them to become sentient beings--a la SkyNet--by 2011), I hoped we could celebrate for it.

So every day this week I'll be posting links to my favorite TMIB posts ever. Some oldies, some goodies, some that probably should have never seen the light of day. Enjoy!

Report from the Black Orchid: This was the very first "event" I went to as an author. Didn't know anybody, so of course I made it my business to drop a lot of names.

Series Potential: A look at the positives and negatives of writing a series with recurring characters.

Filet Mignon vs. Big Mac and Fries: (or why consumers buy different formats)

The Class of 2007: see where Killer Year began

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