Friday, May 09, 2008

A Few New Reviews

A new review of THE GUILTY, and the first batch in from the UK...

"The author clearly did his research on gunslinger genealogy, and it makes for fascinating reading...well-executed gritty action...races along towards an ending of thriller proportions...Whether as journalist or crime stopper, Parker always manages to come out on top — and so has Jason Pinter, again."
--The Lincoln Journal-Star on THE GUILTY

'This is a great debut obviously written by someone who knows the genre very well. An innocent man caught up in a murder only to be hunted by both the police and the criminals alike. Yes, it does sound like familiar territory but Jason Pinter gives it a new, electrifying life that would make any writer in the genre jealous. The Mark has the kind of explosive writing that will put Jason Pinter up there amongst the top names, with its go-for-broke thematic attitude and foreboding atmosphere makes it a big reason why the book stands out amongst the crowd. And this oft revised scenario works with a darkly melodic power. I can’t wait for the next book in the series."
--ShotsMag UK on THE MARK

"A cut-above the norm in this area and a good start to what should develop into a terrific series." on THE MARK (May 2008 debut of the month)

"It’s a brilliant debut... the action simply blazes along and the reader is caught up in the ride. All the elements are there, plus that something extra special that makes this book a publishing phenomenon that's definitely not to be missed. Go on, I dare you not to finish it in one sitting!"
--CrimeSquad UK on THE MARK

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Wonderful reviews!

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