Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Anarchy (and books!) in the UK

I'm sitting in a hotel room in London, getting ready to embark on my very first publicity tour in the UK and Ireland for the release of THE MARK. That my first tour occurs outside the U.S. makes me wonder if I have bad breath, but nonetheless I'm very excited. I have to give a shout out to the incredible UK team who've gone above and beyond to put together a great itinerary, while being as kind an enthusiastic as an author could hope for.

Yesterday I flew in to Heathrow, landing about 7:15 pm here, but then spent literally over an hour waiting on line at customs. As if that wasn't bad enough, they had a recording running on an endless loop that said, "There are many inbound passengers at this time of day. Due to tougher security measures you may have to wait a little bit longer to get into the country." Plus the cell phone I thought would work here does not actually work here. 

Imagine not only standing on line for over an a hour after a 6 hour flight, but listening to some say that loudly over and over again the entire time.

After that it was to the Marriot by Heathrow for one (half) night of sleep, because today I'm flying over to Dublin via Aer Lingus (officially my favorite airline name of all time) for a quick day of promo before flying back to London. I'll be here for three days, then taking the train to Bristol for the CrimeFest convention. It's 5 hours ahead here, but my body has completely lost all concept of time so it's possible I might fall asleep at any moment. Or just run around wired with my underwear on my head like Cornholio.

Ireland has been at the top of my "must visit" list for a long time, so even though I'll be there barely 24 hours I'm hoping to get some good pictures. And if I leave the country without having a pint in a real, honest-to-goodness Irish pub, the U.S. should revoke my citizenship (not really).

It is currently 5:54 am, and I have just over half an hour before a cab is picking up to bring me back to Heathrow. And thus begins "Jet Lag Tour 2008." More from the road coming soon (if I stay awake).

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