Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Free Charlie Huston

No, Charlie Huston has not been imprisoned in some rank prison cell. Rather he's offering free downloads of his entire Hank Thompson Trilogy over at pulpnoir.com.

I actually commented on Dave's blog yesterday about how I was introduced to Charlie (thanks Bonnie and Joe!), and how since that fateful day he's become one of my favorite contemporary authors, probably in my top five if not higher. The Hank Thompson trilogy is brilliant and brutal, but also surprisingly tender and heartbreaking. 

Though I haven't yet met Charlie (something that will hopefully be remedied), I do have one good Charlie Huston story. I was reading A DANGEROUS MAN on the subway one day, when a stranger tapped me on the shoulder. He was dressed kind of ratty, looked a little dirty, and I wasn't sure what he wanted. He said, "Is that a new Charlie Huston book?" I told him it was, and he told me he was a friend of Charlie's, and we chatted until my stop. I'm friendly with Charlie's editor, so next day I told him about this. His response: "I think all of Charlie's friends live in the subway."

So go to www.pulpnoir.com and read CAUGHT STEALING, SIX BAD THINGS and A DANGEROUS MAN. After that, pick up the Joe Pitt casebooks and THE SHOTGUN RULE. And if you're not a Huston junkie after all that, go stick a couple of lit cigarettes in your ears because you don't know first rate entertainment.



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