Monday, November 17, 2008


Sorry for the lack of posts that aren't either BSP or "Shield" recaps, my wife and I have been living something of a nomadic existence over the last month and a half. So between a whole lot of travel, working on the next book(s) and now prepping to be out of commission for most of December, things have been a bit hectic.

There are some major developments in regards to 2009, all for the good, and information will be dispersed at an appropriate time. I can reveal that there will be two Henry Parker books published in 2009, but what's very cool is that the two books are really two halves of one epic storyline that I'm insanely excited about. I think the next Henry Parker novel, THE FURY, is the best one yet and I'm trying to top that one with the book I'm working on right now, THE DARKNESS. The story arc for these two books are thrilling to write, but along with that they are also the most personal Henry Parker novels yet. We'll learn a lot more about Henry, and at the same time he'll learn a lot more about himself. Those of you who've read the excerpt for THE FURY at the end of THE STOLEN have a glimmer of insight as to what's in store.

I consider these two books my L.A. CONFIDENTIAL in a lot of ways, not in that I could ever reach the achievement of that brilliant novel (one of my all-time favorites), but in that I tried to develop these two stories in similar fashion to how that book unfolds. It'll make sense when people read them.

So stay tuned, more information will be coming shortly. Plus recaps and analysis of the final two episodes of "The Shield." Don't think you'd get away from those.



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