Friday, February 13, 2009

What I'm Up To

I thought I'd give a little peek into what's on my project board these days. 

--I'm currently finishing up the fifth book in the Henry Parker series, currently titled THE DARKNESS. The fourth book, THE FURY, is finished and scheduled to come out in October (the wrong cover is currently posted on Amazon et al). These two books are specifically meant to be a two-part series, and I'm incredibly psyched with how they're turning out. They shed a great deal of light on pieces of Henry's past that have only been hinted at in the first three books. We learn that there's one massive skeleton in Henry's closet, but this devastating secret also reveal something much larger and far more dangerous (am I being vague? Maybe...). All I can say is that after THE DARKNESS, things will never be the same.

--What I'm perhaps most excited about is a side project I've been working on, putting together bits and pieces here and there, slowly forming a whole. For the last few months, I've been outlining a Young Adult series. Growing up, I inhaled the fantasy sagas of Brian Jacques, Terry Books and Piers Anthony. I loved the journeys of Shea Ohmsford and the Druid Allanon, felt chills as Martin the Warrior battled the evil Queen Tsarmina. And deep down I've always dreamed of writing one of those big fantasy stories, only a more of a contemporary bent featuring characters who exist in our world in our time. I've got my cast of characters and the series arc planned out through three books. The first part of book one needs a fair amount of research, and between my surgery and finishing the next Parker novels it's taken more time than I would have hoped. Still, as much as I love the Parker series this is something I'm really excited about sharing when the time is right. Just to give a little sneak peek--the first book in the series is tentatively called:

Book 1 of the Firebrand Chronicles

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming.



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That is an excellent title-can't wait to read it.

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