Friday, September 11, 2009

Coming in November: A brand new Henry Parker ebook!

While most of you know that I have two books coming out this Fall--THE FURY and THE DARKNESS--I'm thrilled to announce that they will be joined by a brand new, never-before-published Henry Parker ebook novella entitled THE HUNTERS. This ebook is meant as a lead-in to THE DARKNESS, which will be released on November 24th. I will release more details on this ebook shortly, but I think I packed as much suspense and more emotion into this novella as it could handle. In this ebook you will learn more about Henry, Jack and Amanda--as well as witnessing more of the terrible truth behind the enigmatic person only known as The Fury.

As we approach release day, I will let you know where you can download and read THE HUNTERS. I hope you enjoy this ebook, and may it whet your appetite for what's to come.

September 29th: THE FURY
November 24th: THE DARKNESS

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