Monday, June 26, 2006

A Case of the Mondays

A couple of quick things...

I have a new post up at the Killer Year blog, so check it out. Also read the previous posts, including a fun one asking the Class of 2007 members about which rock bands best suit their lead characters.

ThrillerFest 2006 begins this Thursday, and I'm excited to be a part of it. I'll be on a panel called TIGHTENING YOUR THRILLER on Thursday, talking about the processes that go into editing a thriller and pitfalls to avoid. First pitfall, do not name your character Brick Hardcastle.

I saw "Cars" last night, had a grand 'ol time. Not as good as "Monsters Inc." or "Finding Nemo," but that's ok. Pixar is still second to none when it comes to making consistently great movies. And while "Cars" wasn't as great as the last two, it was still light years better than most of the homogenized crap in theaters during the summer. Not to mention a hilarious cameo by Jeremy Piven (who is damned to play variations of "Ari Gold" the rest of his career) playing the smooth-talking agent of Owen Wilson's car. And let's just say someone was a little teary-eyed by the time the credits rolled (another Pixar staple, GREAT end credit sequences). The only filmmaker I can remember being on anywhere near that kind of roll is Steven Soderbergh when he directed "Out of Sight," "The Limey," "Erin Brockovich," "Traffic" and "Ocean's 11" back-to-back-to-back-to-back-to-back. And even he wasn't able to cast George Carlin as a pothead minivan who still lives in the 60's and moans about the government conspiracy to prevent people from knowing about his "Organic Fuel."

And check out Sunday's post for an interesting story that will make you wonder whether "Wonderland" really is a nice place to visit.


Blogger Brett Battles said...

Saw Cars yesterday, too. I agree with you...really good. Not the best Pixar, but better than most stuff put out by others. The thing Pixar seems to always get right is to start with a great story/script first. A lot of animated movies seem to think that the pretty pictures will carry the film. Wrong. It's the story, stupid.

See you in a couple days, Jason. Can't wait for that Phoenix heat!

9:50 AM  
Blogger Allison Brennan said...

I loved CARS, but TOY STORY is probably my favorite. Though I cried in FINDING NEMO (that damn double-X hormone.) CARS was the second time I took my five year old son to the theater and he's still talking about it two weeks later (the first time was THE INCREDIBLES which was a little too scary for the then-four year old.)

Hmm, but BUGS LIFE was pretty darn good. I can't think of a Pixar movie I didn't really, really enjoy. And TOY STORY II was as good as the first one, and in some ways even better.

Pixar understands, and Disney used to. The stuff that works appeals to kids AND adults.

Brett is absolutely right. They had a great script and they nailed the execution.

2:28 PM  

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