Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Well, here we go, five days from today I'll be a married man. Just incredible how much work goes into planning a wedding, I'd equate it to a full time job, but it's more like a full-time corporation since Susan, my parents, her parents, our bridesmaids and groomsmen have been working their butts off since last October. I think we would have made Jack Welch curl into a little ball and cry like Nancy Kerrigan.

I finally managed to catch up on lost sleep from my bachelor party. I can't think of anything more fun than a limo ride from NYC to Atlantic City with some of your best friends, drinking champagne and beer while eating the greasiest fried chicken this side of Kentucky. And it was worth it just to watch my friend Adam walk around the Tropicana drunk at 3 am wearing a green apron (yes, apron) that read, "Irish People Make the Best Lovers." And he's about as Irish as Jerry Seinfeld.

On the book front, my publisher has accepted the outline for THE REGULATOR, which of course will be hacked to pieces and glued back together when the book is actually done. And on the day job front, I'm finishing up edits on a novel that we have big hopes for. Such a great feeling when you read a book, have the chance to acquire it, and then fall in love all over again when editing it. With any luck, I'll be putting two books into production before I leave next week.

Watched the end of the Agassi/Becker match, if there was ever a sports moment where I came close to shedding a tear it was Andre's heartfelt tribute to the fans. Just a classy act from one of the biggest stars in the sport's history. And if you grew up in the 80's and didn't own a pair of those green Agassi sneakers, you were the biggest dork in the world.

RIP Steve Irwin, aka The Crocodile Hunter. I was incredibly sad to see this, as Irwin was one of the biggest champions of the natural beauty of planet earth. My sister spent several months on Australia a couple of years ago, and said Irwin was beyond being a national hero, somebody the country both loved and respected. Hope you're saying, "Crikey, have a look at that one!" in a big, blue lagoon in heaven.

Bought two books I plan on bringing on the honeymoon: Zadie Smith's ON BEAUTY and Sarah Langan's THE KEEPER. THE KEEPER got a terrific review in Publisher Weekly, plus she and I share the same agent, so I had to give it a try. ON BEAUTY got just unbelievable reviews and seems like a thick, meaty book that I might love. Looking forward to biting into both of them.

Plus a book I published at my old job, WELCOME TO JESUSLAND, just came out and had a terrific display in the "Humor" section at Barnes & Noble. It's a damn hilarious book that satirizes the religious right, and a book that, if I end up going to hell, will surely have been a large factor. Needless to say you must buy it.

Also just bought the 3rd season of Nip/Tuck and went on a marathon watching binge this week while I was moving out of my studio. I think after the simply amazing first season, the writers started smoking some serious hash, which resulted in some of the truly out there moments from season two (like Sean getting it on with the Kimber Doll). Still, though, it was a terrific blend of outrageous storylines grounded by top-notch acting and family scenarios we could all relate to (ok, except the Famke Janssen transexual thing). Season three, though, they must have replaced the hash with some sort of crack/LSD/cocaine/Elmer's Glue combination, because they turned the outrageousness up to 11, but took away all the realistic relationship interplay that held it together. The acting, as usual, was strong, but the characters were put through such insane predicaments in nearly every episode that the emotional highs and lows didn't have nearly the impact they did in the first two seasons. Heck, Christian getting raped was nearly a throwaway subplot, figuring prominently in the first episode then being completely forgotten about until they needed the evidence to find the Carver. Forget Julia COMMITTING MURDER, which is completely forgotten about in the very next episode (though it did lead to a tremendous scene, where after the plane crash, Sean debates his choice of plastic surgery versus traditional medicine).

I hope season four goes back to the show's roots, and remembers that its strengths lie in the Sean/Christian/Julia triangle. I do want to point out that John Hensley (Matt McNamara) came into his own this season wth several VERY strong episodes, though the writers basically forgot about him for half the season, and it still irks me that they have a 29-year old playing a high schooler. It's getting harder and harder to hide Hensley's wicked beard stubble.

Also, if you haven't yet, go see "Little Miss Sunshine." Just a wonderful movie, more amazing in that nearly every character suffers some horrible twist of fate that kills their dreams, yet you end up leaving the theater with a smile. Plus it has the best dance scene since Napoleon Dynamite cut a rug. Plus it made me want to go find a girl who looked like Olive so I could kidnap her for myself. Um, that didn't sound good...

Now on to season 3 of Arrested Development, which I haven't seen yet (if I miss the first episode of a tv season, I absolutely cannot watch any more until it comes out on DVD). Such a shame that this show was cancelled, I hope the execs at Fox wander around in a Gob-like stupor the next few years muttering, "I've made a huge mistake."

P.S. Regular columns at M.J. Rose's Buzz, Balls & Hype will resume once I realize with horror that my vacation is over amd I have to get back to work.


Blogger Sam said...

Honeymoon books have to go!!
Trot over to Ellora's Cave and buy a few books by moi, Samantha Winston.
I guarantee they'll get the honeymoon fires going.

4:19 AM  
Blogger Stacia said...

Ah! I just finished season three of Nip/Tuck a week or two ago and had the same thought--uh, Julia murdered some random woman, is she even bothered by that?

Not to mention she turned into a total idiot. Matt's dating what's-her-name, the Nazi, and Sean tells Julia the girl's a Nazi, and the girl starts shouting about "noses" and "Jews" and Julia's just like, "Oh, Sean, you should go." HUH? Julia was always a fairly moral person--remember the deal with the girl at her health club in season one?--and now she's ignoring the fact that this girl is practically shouting "Heil Hitler" in her living room?

Mostly I was disappointed with the Carver storyline. It was way too obvious. I honestly thought for a while he must be a red herring, because there's no way they'd really expect us to be satisfied with bringing a character in, making him an obvious jerk/flake/idiot, and there you go. Plus the police procedural stuff drove me nuts. Did the writers not even ever watch cop shows on TV?

Of course, I was still on the edge of my seat and can't wait for season 4...so what does that say about me? :-)

6:10 AM  

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