Monday, December 18, 2006

Proud to be a New York Sports Fan

The New York Knicks, already an embarassment of monumental proportions, reach a new low with the brawl and subsequent suspensions amid allegations that Isiah "Hindenburg" Thomas orchestrated the foul that started the whole thing.

Giants lose, squander more opportunities to score than the 40-Year Old Virgin.

Going into 2007, the average age of the Mets starting pitchers is 87.4.

Yankees "big offseason acquisition" so far is bringing back a 34-year old starting pitcher whose ERA was 4.20 last year despite pitching in the NL, and will be making more money than the entire cast of "Ocean's 13."

Hockey still sucks.

On a side note, the two Wesleyan alums/current NFL head coaches have an 18-10 record this season, despite slightly less overall talent than most Wesleyan teams. How many colleges have more current pro coaches (2) than they've had pro players in their history (1)? And not just that, but one of the best coaches of all time (Bill Belichick) and one of the best young coaches the game has seen in years (Eric Mangini)?



Blogger HighVoltage said...

Well now the fines have come down, and 'Melo has his suspension.
By not suspending Isiah and having him remain coaching on the bench,it is a more severe punishment to the Knicks than if he were suspended.David Stern is a pretty smart guy.

6:33 PM  
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