Monday, January 08, 2007

All is Not Lost

This was an utterly depressing weekend in terms of the New York Sports scene, especially considering that the Giants will be a complete mess in the 2007 season after losing Tiki Barber, likely Tom Coughlin, relying on Eli "am I throwing to the guys in blue or the guys in green?" Manning, and only holding the 19th pick in the draft. At least we have the Knicks to root for. Oh wait...

But on the plus side, this should be a very exciting week. My publisher is having a big event to promote THE MARK, and I'll also be seeing galleys for the very first time. I equate the months leading up to the publication of your first book to a good roller coaster. It starts off very slow, not much going on but loads of anticipation, then you reach the summit and it all zooms by insanely fast as you try to hold on. Right now I'm at the apex of the climb. The 10 months since I agree to the deal have been agonizingly slow, but the six until it comes out will be nothing short of a blur.

Being aware of the editorial side when publishing a book can be a double-edged sword, since you can gauge your publisher's interest, the effort put forth in promotion, and generally have a sixth sense as to how the pre-pub process is coming along, and can recognize all the buzz words. I honestly feel lucky that THE MARK is being supported with incredible effort. It really feels like a partnership, that they have as much at stake as I do, which is what I believe a good publishing relationship should feel like.

I'm already filling out concept sheets for the cover of THE REGULATOR, and brainstorming a good title for book 3. Unfortunately THE SISTERHOOD OF THE TRAVELING PANTS is already taken.


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