Thursday, April 26, 2007

Romantic Times Convention
Running Diary
Day 2

7:39 am
First up, a thriller author-sponsored bookseller event which begins at 9 am. I don't have any swag to give away, with the exception of some pretty neat business cards (made by my talented father-in-law). My first panel begins at 11. It's called "Hooks That Shock," and I'll be participating alongside Carole Nelson Douglas, Heather Graham (who pretty much owns this convention), Libby Hellman Fischer, Rick Mofina (go dudes!) and Alex Sokoloff. I don't think any half naked cowboys will be in attendance (though I wouldn't put any money on it). The panels yesterday were terrific, so if I can make my first Bill Simmons-ism of the diary, I'm a little giddy.

I have been out-swagged. Authors at the bookseller event had everything but the kitchen sink to give away. ARCs, finished books, bookmarks, matchbooks, playing cards, luggage tags. One author even built a few dozen feeaking DIORAMAS. Let's just say my business cards were like bringing a toothpick to a knife fight. New authors, when you go to a conference or convention, bring stuff. After "wear sunscreen," that's the best advice I can offer.

Well, my panels for the day are over. The first went very well, great attendance, I only wish we had time for a Q&A at the end (but with 6 authors on the panel, everyone had to get their 2.5 cents in). The second panel had four authors, Karna Small Bodman, Rebecca York , Ann Parker and myself. Really interesting stuff, such as how Heather Graham uses her family in her books, how using "Mental Real Estate" can help readers notice your book, how you don't need a book tour to get major speaking engagement, and why it's ok to write a cozy where the body has a maggot crawling out of its nose. Plus Heather Graham threatened to have me killed. Ok not really, but she said she had a great idea for a premise where a 27-year old author goes to a book convention and doesn't make it out alive. Trust me, there are about 1,000 fans here who might actually commit murder if Heather asked them to, so I'm using the deadbolt tonight.

I chatted for a while with Jennifer Armintrout and her husband (who was brave enough to admit he hasn't read his wife's books). Jennifer and I share the same editor and publisher, and her debut novel THE TURNING was a USA Today bestseller. Plus she's apparently in some sort of feud with a bestselling paranormal author (who shall not be named). Hey, the more literary feuds the better. Jennifer is also blogging from RT, so check it out.

Tonight is some sort of Fairy Ball. Or maybe it's 'Faery'. Or 'Faerie'. Either way I expect to check my sobriety at the door.

Apparently an ARC of THE MARK is for sale on eBay. Two people have already bid on it. Between the bidding price and shipping cost, someone is already willing to pay more for THE MARK now than when it hits stores in just over 2 months. For some reason this makes me happy.


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