Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Links--Try the Beets Edition

Plan a trip to Schrute Farms!

The 100 Scariest Movie Scenes of All Time
(I swear, when I was seven the 'Large Marge' scene from "Pee Wee's Big Adventure" gave me nightmares for like a year)

Is this the death knell for Sports Illustrated?

Glenn Beck competes with Ron Burgundy to see who can hate Californians more

And here's the very first review for KILLER YEAR: A Criminal Anthology

"For this impressive crime anthology, bestseller Child (One Shot) has gathered 13 stories by newcomers and three by veterans. Such established writers as David Morrell, James Rollins, Gayle Lynds, Ken Bruen and Allison Brennan introduce tales by such rising stars as Marcus Sakey, Brett Battles, Robert Gregory Browne, Sean Chercover and Gregg Olsen. Some selections, like Olsen’s “The Crime of My Life,” hit like a hard swung sap. Battles’s “Perfect Gentleman” is more like a knife that slides in easily, then twists in the gut. Browne’s “Bottom Deal” features a PI that would be at home in a lineup with Spade and Marlowe. Sakey’s “Gravity and Need” lets the reader bleed out slowly, while Chercover’s “One Serving of Bad Luck” earns a rueful smile. Not every entry is a winner, but the disturbingly good new talent showcased in this volume bodes well for the future of the genre."
--Publishers Weekly


Blogger Kendra said...

How many Schrute bucks does it take to pay for a trip to Schrute farms?

11:47 AM  
Blogger Richard Cooper said...

I don't think I want to know what goes on in "The Irrigation Room" at Schrute Farms....

12:40 AM  
Blogger Jenny Trout said...

I still can't watch the Pee Wee movie because of that. And my husband knows it, and he torments me by making a Large Marge voice and going, "And when they pulled him out of the wreckage... his face... looked just... like THIS!"

8:51 PM  
Blogger Jason Pinter said...

Oh man...that was one of those scenes where it scared the holy hell out of me, yet for some reason I couldn't stop watching it. I've already watched it on YouTube like 6 times since I found it there.

10:51 AM  

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