Friday, January 25, 2008

ABA Winter Institute

Hello sports fans, I'm checking in from the Hyatt Regency in Louisville, Kentucky where I'm in town for the American Bookseller Association's Winter Institute meetings. There are something like 500 independent booksellers here, many of whom will hopefully want to meet me and pick up a signed galley of THE GUILTY. (and perhaps hug me, squeeze me, and name me George) Whether or not they will be able to ignore present literary stalwarts like Tobias Wolff and Mary Roach, or up-and-comers like Vincent Lam and Garth Stein (whose dog-narrated tear jerker novel was bought for something like $174,249,203 at auction), for a crime writer whose "office" overlooks a brick wall remains to be seen.

Throwing a small wrench in my presentation is the presence of 11 stitches in my upper lip, courtesy of an accident on Monday night that necessitated a trip to the emergency room and the services of a plastic surgeon who had to be called away from dinner (seriously). I have about a week's worth of beard growth, and hopefully this scruffiness will distract booksellers from focusing on the Betsy Ross job on my face. (for morbid weirdos who also watch YouTube videos of skateboarders breaking their arms in half, I do have a photo of said accident)

In any case, I am excited for tonight. Having the chance to meet people who want to read and spread the word about your stuff is just a thrilling notion, and I hope I don't disappoint. THE GUILTY hits stores in just over 4 weeks, and I can't wait to hear peoples' reactions. I am very proud of this book and hope it goes over well with booksellers and readers. Typing "The End," though, is just the beginning.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Holy poop on a stick you're here? I use the post office right there in 4th Street Live to send my snail mail submissions. How long are you gonna be here?

7:03 PM  

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