Friday, March 07, 2008

Writer Unboxed Interview: 
less filling, now online!

I recently did an interview with Writer Unboxed, the first part of which can be read here. Along with my road to publication, I talk about the first book I ever tried to have published back in 2003. Which, in light of the recent fake memoir scandals, is pretty darn interesting. 

It's called THE REAL LIFE OF JOHN GILLIS, and it's about a man whose life is manipulated by a literary agent to make his memoir more "salable." I'm thinking about posting some of it. Perhaps a few chapters. Maybe even the whole book.

I never considered it a novel about the publishing industry, but more about how lives these days are packaged, distorted, and the lengths people will go to in order to make lives more commercially appealing. I don't think it's a great novel--it's kind of a comedy/suspense mishmash--but I do think it's more timely than ever. And I still think the opening line of John Gillis's fake memoir might be my favorite I've ever written.

My name is John Gillis, and my life is in syndication...

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