Monday, December 01, 2008

The Scots like THE MARK

About a week and a half before the publication of THE GUILTY across the pond, Scotland newspaper The Scotsman runs its review of THE MARK:

The Mark by Jason Pinter (Mira, £6.99) is one long chase in which an ambitious young journalist finds himself dragged into a pursuit in which, if he fails to attain the objective, he will die. It may be the FBI or the Mafia which kills him, but he will be dead all the same. Indeed, the opening paragraph has him at the point of death. The book is all about the chase, not the objective, which is what Alfred Hitchcock would have called a McGuffin, a device of no importance simply there to trigger the pursuit. But Pinter makes the most of it, from the killing of a cop at the start to an unpredictable ending, with, along the way, fun and terror in a highly proficient debut.

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