Monday, January 19, 2009


Starting today, I'll be part of a brand new group blog called Genreality. I'll be posting on Saturdays (beginning January 24th), joining Alison Kent, Joseph Nassise, Carrie Vaughn, Sasha White and Lynn Viehl.

Reality: the totality of real things and events

Do you want to know where ideas come from? Or what a day-in-the-life is like? What about how a person can beat back their doubts and insecurities to become a best-selling author, or how to take your ideas and make tangible stories out of them?

If you want an honest look at what it’s like to make a living as an author, and how these authors get the job done, then GENREALITY is the place to be.

Get to know these best-selling authors as they share not only their ups and downs of living the dream, but tips and advice on how you can too.

Check out Post your comments, and read about the realities of being a genre author.

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