Monday, May 11, 2009

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Cover art for Henry Parker #4, THE FURY, will be revealed tomorrow. A certain #1 New York Times bestselling author thinks that this book ROCKS...



Blogger Alex Bash said...

I’m pumped! Let’s see, we’ve had red/black, blue/yellow, yellow/black…what color is FURY? Especially in CAPS? I’d say red/black, but it’s been taken—maybe a fiery orange? Or a more theatrically dramatic furious color, like some kind of deep purple—a fury about to boil over. Or perhaps…OK I’m done.

Btw, the other day a friend of mine was describing his unique relationship, and it began sounding sort of familiar, and I said, almost unconsciously, “OH! That’s like Henry and Amanda!” (blank stares) “You know, the Henry Parker series, how they never really got a first date…be right back.” They started the MARK last week. My comment will make sense soon enough.

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