Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Book Plugs

Here's the part where I ask you to buy not one, but two books. Both are relatively cheap, both are terrific, and both are good enough to stay on your shelf for a long, long time for mutiple readings.

The first is Paul Davidson's hilarious and innovative book THE LOST BLOGS.
In case you can't tell from the cover, the book contains 175 blogs "written" by historial figures such as Gandhi, Marilyn Monroe, JFK, Napoleon, Da Vinci, Edgar Allen Poe, and Shakespeare. I edited Paul's book at Warner, and was simply astounded at how creative he was on each of the 175 blogs, and that he kept the funny factor turned to 11 on every page. Take a look, you won't be disappointed. And check out Paul's amazing website for the book, www.thelostblogs.com for many more goodies.

The second is the new anthology THRILLER: Stories to Keep You Up All Night. This collection is edited by James Patterson, and contains thrilling tales from some of the greatest crime writers alive today (duh), including Lee Child, John Lescroart, David Morrell, M.J. Rose, James Rollins, F. Paul Wilson, Heather Graham, and many others. The book is being published by MIRA (my publisher, natch), and is being launched with thriller reading around the country in June, leading up to the inaugural ThrillerFest this year in Arizona.

Great reads from great authors. You can't go wrong.


Blogger s.w. vaughn said...

Heh -- I'd already checked out and planned to pick up The Lost Blogs. THe other one sounds good too, though short stories aren't usually my thing.

And hey, you already told me to read Mystic River! Sheesh, one book at a time! :-)

4:32 PM  
Blogger Jason Pinter said...

You won't regret it, the book is just hilarious (and at $13.95 a ridiculous value. Just saying).

And why haven't you read Mystic River yet?!?!?!?

5:01 PM  
Blogger s.w. vaughn said...

'Cause, yanno, Amazon is kinda slow on the free delivery deals... 5 to 14 business days. :-)

8:15 PM  
Blogger Rob Gregory Browne said...

Mystic River is a masterpiece.

I'm not much of a short story guy either, but I'm looking forward to Thriller, simply because I want to support ITW.

I'll have to remember to give the book a plug on my own blog.

7:38 AM  
Blogger scraphappy said...


I have no idea who you are but I some how ended up at your blog. I've enjoyed reading your posts so far. Both The Lost Blogs and The Thriller are now on my must read list!



3:18 AM  

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