Sunday, May 14, 2006

Mad as hell, and I'm not going to take it anymore

Word out of NY today says that the Knicks are negotiating a buyout of Larry Brown's contract in order for Isiah Thomas to take over as head coach. Let me follow this by saying...


Let's look at the facts. Larry Brown is one of the greatest coaches in basketball history. Every team he's coached has gotten significantly better over time. Period. Isiah Thomas is the bizarro-world Larry Brown, singlehandedly running every institution he's been in charge of into the ground. Not just done poorly, but RUN IT INTO THE GROUND. The CBA? Gone. The Pacers? Saved by Larry Bird and Rick Carlisle. The Knicks? Don't get me started.

Larry Brown did a horrendous job coaching the team this year. Nobody can argue that. I've never seen a coach as defeated, uninterested, and aloof as Brown was this year with the Knicks. But still...

Say you have two friends, and you need to get a job done. One of them has come through every time in the clutch, saved your ass on numerous occasions. And though he can occasionally be a pain in the butt and messed up pretty bad once, nine times out of ten the job gets done and done well.

The other friend is a career washout. Puts the job in jeopardy every time he steps out the door. Hasn't shown an ounce of competance, well, ever. You can essentially be guaranteed that if this guy is involved, the job's going to go down the tubes.

Which one of these two do you pick? The answer is easy, unless you're the Dolans, who run the Knicks with the same goofy, misplaced stoicism that George W. Bush runs the country.

Isiah Thomas must have dirty pictures of James Dolan. There's no other possible explanation. Maybe he has a cell phone picture of an underage girl snorting cocaine off that ridiculous goatee that Dolan last trimmed during the Nixon administration.

It's been tough to be a Knicks fan the last few years. They have no direction, no leadership, no passion, no identity. Maybe Oprah should coach them. At least she gets shit done.


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