Wednesday, June 28, 2006

ThrillerFest 2006 Pre-Blog

I have a 6:50 a.m. flight tomorrow morning to Arizona for the first annual ThrillerFest. At 2:00 I'll be on a panel called TIGHTENING YOUR THRILLER: Editing to the Bones. It's about how to write three-dimensional space monkeys in your book. Actually, it's about editing your thriller. Duh.

A few links to keep you entertained:

Sandra Ruttan has a new post at the Killer Year blog

J.B. Thompson interviewed me for her website

The first teaser trailer for Spider-Man 3
This, folks, is why it's so smart to make people aware of releases well in advance. Not that Spider-Man 3 needed much advance hype...but how cool is the symbiote/Venom suit? And when Sandman attacks through the building? And even Topher Grace looks kind of bad ass (BTW a very cool and interesting casting choice for Eddie Brock, in my opinion). The over/under for the number of times I see this movie in theaters is 3.5.

Now, define irony: Writing a post about witnessing John Mayer's horrendous stand up comedy act, getting trashed (and called various names) by his fans for writing it, then sitting down last night to watch "Family Guy" and having it turn out to be the episode where Doug, Chris's demonic pimple, possesses him to spraypaint "That's Enough, John Mayer" on a brick wall. Or maybe it's not ironic, but noteworthy. Still pretty funny.


Blogger Allison Brennan said...

See you in Phoenix. My flight leaves at 7:20 . . .

9:51 AM  
Blogger Dave White said...

Spider-man 3... what a great trailer....

And you know Topher was picked because he looks so much like Tobey... therefore that whole good side bad side theme.

11:14 AM  
Blogger J.B. Thompson said...

Great interview, Jason, and thanks again for stopping by the Lunch Room.

Have a terrific time in Phoenix, you guys!

12:02 PM  
Blogger Jason Pinter said...

That's what I love about the Spider-Man franchise. Every movie they've cast against type, going for actors who actually fit the roles instead of simply the biggest names. Alfred Molina and Topher Grace don't leap to your mind when you think of supervillains, but they both work perfectly.

And Sam Raimi...I was pumped when they announced he was directing, since the Evil Dead movies are some of my all-time favorites. Needless to say he's exceeded expectations. Now hopefully they'll give him money for "Evil Dead 4."

Good. Bad. I'm the guy with the gun.

And thanks J.B., it was a pleasure.

12:10 PM  
Blogger Laurie Wood said...

My little guy's tres disappointed that the spidey trailer won't open on our laptop. It keeps coming up that there's a "public movie atom" in it. Whatever that is. Have a fabulous time at Thrillerfest. You too, Allison!

7:29 PM  
Blogger Stacia said...

We're withholding judgement on Topher. Love him, but Eddie Brock is supposed to be a really big guy. I think Topher would be better as that other geek at Parker's school, the one who invented the crazy armor that fused to his body a little while back.

7:51 PM  
Blogger Bill Cameron said...

It's been a while since I've kept up with the Spiderman books -- or any comics really. (My freshman year in college I wrecked my mom's boyfriend's car and had to come up with the $500 deductible -- and my only asset was my comic book collection. . . well, selling it broke my spirit.

Anyway, my familiarity with the canon is spotty at best, which means I come at the various comics-based movies fairly virginal. For me, this Spiderman trailer just gave me the chills. It looks incredible. How the actors fit the characters from the books I can't say, but as a movie, the teaser left me salivating.

12:02 AM  

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