Monday, July 24, 2006

Mondays Suck

Much more to the point. So I have a new post up at Killer Year reviewing a few books I've read recently, using the innovative (I think) "What time did the book make me fall asleep" rating system. Check it out.

It was an eventful weekend, planning for the wedding is really getting busy, and in less than seven weeks I'll be a married man. Wow. It's incredibly exciting, but there's so much preparation to do that I can't wait to just sit back and enjoy it.

On Saturday night, I took a dance lesson with Susan. Yes, a dance lesson. I haven't danced much since my Freshman year in high school when, as part of a hazing ritual for the football team, I had to perform the Electric Slide while singing "Sunday Bloody Sunday." And believe you me, "Sunday Bloody Sunday" doesn't exactly have lyrics that fit into the rhythm of the Electric Slide. I think I did ok (Saturday night, not doing the Electric Slide), though my better half has a much more experienced dancing background (she's a former gymnast and cheerleader, and can bend steel with her lat muscles). Though now I can happily say I know the Foxtrot and the Promenade. And now I must go eat a pound of Beef Jerky while watching a UFC match.

Sunday I went down to Chelsea Piers where one of my authors was having an event. Her first novel just came out, and though I left the company before it was published, I had the pleasure of acquiring and editing her first book, and I was happy to hear that she's getting good publicity and the book seems to be selling. She was incredibly nice, signed a copy of the book for me, and had some funny stories from her various book signings.

On that note, as an editor, it's so difficult to leave one company for another. When you build up a list of authors, you forge relationships with many of them. You trust each other. You're their champion. Leaving them behind can be heartbreaking, and you only hope their new editor treats them well. Often you know they won't.

Leaving my first publishing house was an incredibly easy decision professionally, but one of the hardest decisions I've ever made personally. I liked my authors. I considered many people who worked there friends. I respected my boss and what he taught me. No editor will ever expect sympathy when they leave their job for another, but as hard as it is for authors, it can be just as hard for editors since they do leave behind a piece of themselves.

I keep a close eye on the books I acquired at my former job, and still stay in touch with many of my friends and authors at the house. I hope their books do well, and (don't tell anyone) I still offer advice when I can. Maybe I'm not supposed to, but I can't help it. A book isn't a product to me, it's a work that somebody poured their heart into. It's my job to give as much back as I can.

Stuart Smalley section over. Check out the Killer Year reviews. And check out Chad Vader too.

Oh, and this Keith Olbermann atrocity reminds me of that whole Lipstick Chronicles post about ITW. In that the person had a point they wanted to get across, but completely undermined said point by being totally insane.


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