Monday, July 31, 2006

S.S., D.D.

I have a new post up at Killer Year. Right now, in addition to my own blog, I have posting duties at Killer Year on Mondays, and on M.J. Rose's Buzz, Balls & Hype on Tuesdays. Both of those are exciting for me, because they allow me to try different things, to use different parts of my brain. Sometimes, though, the inspiration isn't out there in full force, and the posts end up a little weaker. I'm usually aware of this, and now when it's not my best stuff.

Today, though, I was motivated to write the Killer Year post. Last night I started reading Richard Ford's The Sportswriter, mainly because there are far too many classics I've never read and I'd read all mysteries and thrillers the last few weeks and needed a change of pace. Early on in the book, one of the passages struck me as particularly brilliant, so much so that I wrote a whole post about it. So even if others don't think much of it, it was written with feeling, and that's what matters most to me.

This is going to be a busy drinking week, I hope my rusty liver can keep up. Tonight I'm meeting a colleague from my last publishing house who's edited a ton of cool books and is without a doubt one of the rising young stars in the publishing world. Tomorrow I'm having drinks with two authors I had to leave behind, fortunately after I edited their book. I just saw the finished copies, and they look amazing (and totally insane in parts). The publisher has pretty good marketing and publicity plans lined up too, and a really good publicist on the job as well, so I'm hoping it will be a hit this September. Don't worry, I'll plug the heck out of it when it drops. Thursday I'm having drinks with an author who might be familiar to readers of this blog, and other blogs in this weird and fun literary universe of ours. It's really great when you get to work with an author you like admire artistically, as well as get along with personally, and it doesn't happen too often. The worst is when you work with an author whose book you really think can do well, but they're just completely insufferable, treat everyone like crap, and have no appreciation for how hard people are working for them. That's when you start inquiring about hitmen.

I saw "Scoop" this weekend, and liked it much more than I thought I would. After "Match Point," which was terrific, I thought Woody Allen was falling back into his recent lecherous ways, and though the movie often felt like a 2-hour Allen stand up routine, it was funny enough to work. I'm also trying to rent the first season of "Deadwood." Just seems like the kind of show I would like, but my local Blockbuster never seems to have it in stock and I don't rent often enough to justify joining Netflix. Maybe I'll get Season 1 for my Dad for his birthday, then "borrow" it from him.


Blogger Dave White said...

Make sure your liver is still functioning on Thursday, because afterward, it may not...

Kidding, kidding.

9:48 AM  
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