Thursday, September 07, 2006

Who Wouldn't Want to See Alan Greenspan in a Speedo?

From Publishers Weekly

In this companion to their successful off-Broadway show of the same name, authors Wolfson and Fogel have as much fun with their Jewish roots as is humanly possible, exploring and excoriating Jewish history, culture and stereotypes. The tone is light and farcical, the humor decidedly-but cleverly-lowbrow. Fair warning to the devout: to these authors, nothing is holy. An excerpt from Moses' progressively desperate (and profanity-laced) diary reads, "Had to drink my own URINE today. Breath smells like pee. AND I'M STILL F___ING LOST." Other topics of study are food (including petchah, one of the "foods we're not so proud of"), a primer on conspiracy theories ("Did Jews stunt the growth of Gary Coleman so they could create Diff'rent Strokes?"), and a Jewish Guide to Life ("From Bar Mitzvahs to Bowels"). While the syncopated factual-to-offensive rhythm can wear thin, and familiar jokes abound ("Christmas Vs. Hanukah," anyone?), copious illustrations, tables and unexpected side-notes (an eight-part "Phone Conversations with Jewish Mothers" series) keep the material fresh, entertaining and downright shocking (a mock-up of Alan Greenspan in a Speedo and a large gold chain qualifies as all three). If you've ever pondered how exactly Noah spent his time aboard the ark ("Shuffleboard was available on deck 2") or what gefilte fish really is, you won't be disappointed. Just don't forget the final exam.


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