Monday, October 16, 2006

A Case of the Mondays

Hopefully I won't be too cranky today, but I somehow mangled my shoulder over the weekend, and have gotten a total of 10 hours of sleep the last three nights because every time I put pressure on it I feel like Mel Gibson in "Lethal Weapon."

Random thoughts:

I saw "The Illusionist" Friday night, after hearing terrific things about it. It was an enjoyable fable-like film, but I was a little disappointed at it's relative superficiality, and weak ending. On the plus side, it starred the always-reliable Ed Norton (who I still feel got robbed for Best Actor in "American History X"), and a truly fantastic performance from Paul Giamatti as a morally conflicted police inspector. Giamatti deserves an Oscar nom at the very least, and ever since his, er, star making turn as Pig Vomit in "Private Parts," I think the guy is incapable of turning in a bad performance. Plus the film has the added fun factor of watching Jessica Biel flounder about in a horribly miscast role that should have gone to Keira Knightley or Scarlett O'Johanasson (i.e. someone who can act in a period film).

I bought a novel on Thursday I'm very excited about. Great concept and wonderful, witty writing. After zipping through 130 pages, I made copies for the whole department who literally read it overnight, and greenlit an offer the next day. As an editor, it's always nerve-wracking when you express love for a book on submission, because to an extent you're staking a piece of your reputation on it. If people love it, all is well with the world. If they hate it, they won't trust you as much the next time around (insert "Peter and the Wolf" analogy). I've had enough projects shot down to know that the best editors only bring up submissions they really love or think have a chance (I fondly recall one edit meeting in particular where I was gonged out of the room before I could even finish my pitch). Thankfully this author made things easy by writing a great book that everyone loved.

I just started reading Kate Atkinson's CASE HISTORIES, which I've been meaning to get to for ages. Full report when I finish it. Just learned that a book I inherited and edited has been assigned for a review in the NYTBR. Hopefully this will allow Sam Tanenhaus to sample a tasty brownie from Ed Champion.

A very interesting article in the Wall Street Journal about the difficulty of publishing bestsellers, specifically through the lens of this season's two biggest debuts, Jed Rubenfeld's THE INTERPRETATION OF MURDER and Diane Setterfield's THE THIRTEENTH TALE.

And tonight on WWE Raw, WWE Champion John Cena apparently has a verbal confrontation with Kevin Federline (read that again), and kicks the holy hell out of Mr. Spears. And if you think I'm going to miss PopoZao getting his ass handed to him, we can't be friends any more.


Blogger Bill Cameron said...

I want to kick the shit out of Kevin Federline. I feel compelled to watch...

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