Saturday, April 28, 2007

Romantic Times Convention
Running Diary
Day 4 (aka travel day)

I'm sitting in the Charlotte International Airport in Charlotte, NC, waiting for my connecting flight to NYC. I arrived here about 2 hours ago from the George Bush International Airport (trust me, there are few things stranger than telling a cab driver, "George Bush International Airport, please"). And did I mention my connecting flight to LaGuardia isn't for another 5 hours? Good times.

Thankfully the good Charlottian folks have wireless internet in the airport, so I'm watching the NFL Draft on my laptop, as well as running through edits on THE GUILTY. I've already read the NYT book review online (she's surely heard by now, but congrats to Allison Brennan whose FEAR NO EVIL is still on the list!). Oh, and so is Laura Lippman. Might I just say that on March 22nd, I emailed Laura to congratulate her on WHAT THE DEAD KNOW hitting the New York Times bestseller list. Laura insinuated that after that week her book would "drop like a stone." Man, that's one buoyant stone...

Most unintentionally hilarious subplot of the NFL draft so far: Brady Quinn starring in a commercial for Hummer which plays right before the video of the Browns selecting Wisconsin tackle Joe Thomas and passing over their hometown boy. I had an evil laugh as I watched Brady driving up a soggy mountain in a Hummer saying "This is awesome" right before a video showing him being passed over in the draft.

The RT convention was quite an experience, the best part was meeting lots of terrific authors and sitting in on some great panels. Mine were a blast, and hopefully I'm getting used to them to the point where I don't come off like a complete fool. Though in my second panel I actually quoted Jeff Foxworthy.

Might have to go over my material before the next one...

See you at ThrillerFest!


Blogger Dave White said...

Awesome recap. Can only hope the Giants draft someone solid.

3:05 PM  
Blogger Jenny Trout said...

To bad you didn't get to the vampire party thing. You missed what was, arguably, the worst parody song about vampires and werewolves based on music from Oklahoma! ever written. I overheard someone saying they hoped dessert was cyanide.

3:56 PM  
Blogger Fun Guy said...

Brady Quinn -- all year every announcer said he was probably going to be this first pick in the draft. Then he faced off with Russel in his final game and everything went downhill from there. I actually think he's going to be a fine QB in a few years. Deadspin reported that he lost around 17 million by dropping down so low. I don't think he going to be the next Tim Couch either so Browns fans can rest a bit more easy.

1:51 AM  
Blogger Mary Stella said...

You missed what was, arguably, the worst parody song about vampires and werewolves based on music from Oklahoma! ever written.

Heard a lot of parody songs about werewolves and vampires based on music from Oklahoma?

Jason, it sounds like your first RT went well. Good luck with your debut novel

6:16 PM  
Blogger Allison Brennan said...

Thanks Jason! Four weeks on the list before falling off. So I am happy. I'm shooting for five with my next release . . . LOL. Like I have ANYthing to do with that. Because it's such a crap shoot. But FEAR did really well and people seem to like it.

I can't wait to get a REAL copy of THE MARK.

2:40 PM  

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