Tuesday, June 19, 2007

One Week to Go


That's the number of days since I agreed to my book deal.

And now only seven remain.

In seven days, Henry Parker and Amanda Davies will be in bookstores around the country. It's a day over 20 years in the making, ever since I wrote my first story in grade school. The whole thing is still quite surreal, and it will be even more so on June 26th.

Anyway, here are a few links to start the day:

"Indiana Jones 4" has officially begun production. Check out this video of new cast member Shia LaBeouf discussing his love of the Indy films, and what it means to him to be in the new movie. Unlike most of the young Hollywood celebutards, this guy seems to have his head on straight. Of course this means he'll garner 1/100th of the press given to actors and actresses who get arrested for drunk driving, public urination, assault with a cellular phone, and general stupidity.

As if there wasn't enough space in the newspapers for snarky political coverage, it's now spread to the movie section. Check out the review for Michael Moore's "Sicko" in the New York Post and then the New York Daily News.

Maybe we can get a Norman Mailer slot machine made...

A really good take on the "Sopranos" series finale from...Gawker??

And remember to submit your entry to win a signed copy of THE MARK!


Blogger Karen Olson said...

They're shooting scenes for Indy No. 4 in New Haven next week and the week after. Right downtown around Yale. It's going to be a traffic nightmare.

3:00 PM  

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