Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Three Weeks to Go

Am I getting nervous? Um, hell no (ok, yes).

A few brief updates, starting with this thing called BEL or BEE, or whatever you call that Book Expo at the Javits Center this weekend (where apparently air conditioning is frowned upon slightly more than obscene price gouging). Both of my signings went very well, and we ran out of books in pretty short time. I ended up signing bookmarks (or bookMARKS, as you'll know if you got one). Except, of course, for the polite lady at the MWA booth who refused my bookmark and said, "I don't need any more of that crap."

You stay classy, BEA.

Saturday night my publisher threw a very cool party, and I managed to have a few drinks while being shuttled around to meet reps and buyers from various accounts. I learned that there are some amazing plans in place for my book's publication, of course raising the tension meter another three or four notches. Special thanks to Kayla Perrin for being so kind. Another special thanks to fellow Deadly Seven author Michelle Gagnon--a fellow Wesleyan alum--who kindly offered up her spare bedroom if I ever tour on the west coast (I'm not sure if she consulted her husband on this).

In other cool news, THE MARK is currently being produced as an audiobook by Audible and should be available both on Audible.com and iTunes right around publication. Bea Arthur has been tapped to play Henry Parker. Brilliant casting, if you ask me. (Kidding, kidding. About Bea Arthur, not the audiobook. That's actually happening)

And congrats to M.J. Rose whose upcoming novel THE REINCARNATIONIST was selected as one of of the "buzz books" of the show.

Tonight is the season finale of "The Shield." Promos for the episode boast that it's the episode we've been waiting for (insinuating that Shane finally gets his comeuppance for killing Lem). I have a sneaky feeling they'll swerve us, somehow.

It got me thinking--ever since Lem died, the show has been without a true "good guy," someone who acts as the Barn's conscience. Claudette is too cold, Vic has crossed the line too often, Hiatt is too much of an enigma, Danny doesn't have enough screen time, Dutch is too close to snapping and becoming a serial killer and Ronnie is too milquetoast.

R.I.P. Lemonhead, we miss ya.


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