Thursday, July 19, 2007

Random Thursday

A few links:

Check out the excerpt from Norman Bussel's memoir at Norman is the grandfather of author/journalist Rachel Kramer Bussel, and his work is truly touching. You can read it here. was sold. I'm a big MB junkie--it's one of my first stops in the morning--so I hope if there are any changes, they are either minimal or serve to bolster the site.

Tess Gerritsen, with the aid of Joseph Finder, has posted follow up thoughts to one of the questions from our ThrillerFest panel, regarding how many copies you need to sell to hit the NYT hardcover bestseller list.

Joe Konrath puts other newsletters to shame.

I did a brief interview with The Motivated Writer. You can check it out here.

"The Sopranos" deservingly gets a truckload of Emmy noms. "Entourage" for Best Comedy Series? I mean I watch the show, but best comedy series? Either it has some big fans among voters or the comedy slate is pretty thin.

And in other "Entourage" news, apparently Suge Knight bit Kevin 'E' Connolly. Methinks Suge is slightly more dangerous than Billy Walsh.

And this lede is just silly. Summer books tend to fall into familiar tropes: the thriller, the historical romance, the tale of a charmingly rogue pet. And this crop of new books doesn’t disappoint on that front. It should read "Summer books we happen to mention fall into familiar tropes." Because I'm not quite sure how Don DeLillo, Michael Ondaatje, Lisa See and Khaled Hosseini fit into those categories. I'm not saying these books don't deserve some recognition, but what's the point of running single paragraph plot synopses of six books with no editorializing whatsoever?

And finally, a few new reviews for THE MARK I hadn't gotten around to posting yet.


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