Monday, June 23, 2008

The Ten Commandments were a marketing decision...

I had to break my hiatus to pay respects to one of the funniest and most influential comedians and thinkers of our time, George Carlin. I first discovered George about seven years ago, when my girlfriend (now my wife) bought me an audiobook of NAPALM AND SILLY PUTTY to pass the time while driving to NYC and back during college. I fell in love with his irreverence, intelligence, and his ability to find humor in both the complex and the mundane. After listening to that audiobook, I went to the Meriden Mall and bought every Carlin CD I could find (this was before iPods). I've listened to every one at least ten times, and can practically recite my favorite bits (I have a soft spot for George's reality show featuring inbred prison inmates).

You can't go into a comedy club these days without hearing a comedian doing a secondhand version of Carlin's stuff. He was the first generation of angry and controversial comedians like Chris Rock, Lewis Black, and Sam Kinison. Carlin was of of those rare performers who was both an icon and an iconoclast. Rest in peace, George. Let us know if there really is a god...


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