Friday, July 25, 2008

Thanks...still 11 free days left!

I wanted to thank all the readers who've passed along the offer to read THE MARK for free online. The response has been phenomenal, and I'm already hearing from people who've started reading the book. If you haven't yet, click 'Read THE MARK' below for access to the full, uncut text of the first Henry Parker novel, THE MARK.

Quick note: If you've posted a link to the free book, or embedded the widget itself on your blog or website, PLEASE remember to email me at I've seen it on a lot of blogs, but haven't heard from the actual people and I don't want anyone to be left out.

To reiterate, there are two ways you can be thanked in the acknowledgments section of a 2009 Henry Parker novel:

1) Email five friends about this free read (with a link to or Make sure to cc/bcc me at on the email. This is only so I can keep track, the emails will not be used for anything nefarious.

2) Link to, or embed the "Browse the Book" widget on your blog or website. Click the 'Add to your site' link on the widget for the html code. (remember to email if you do this!)

Thanks for reading and spreading the word. Have a great weekend!

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