Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Book Pimpin'

First off, today is the last day you can read THE MARK for free online. Get to it! And if you've either emailed friends/family or pasted the widget on your website, remember to email me at jason@jasonpinter.com. Now on to the good stuff...

These three books are all new to the shelves, and if you know what's good for you you'll pick them up:

This is the fourth in the Anthony Award-winning Ceepak/
Boyle mystery series, and a terrific installment at that. It practically ripped from the headlines, and if you're new to the series, Ceepak and his partner Danny Boyle are kind of like what would happen if you teamed up Jack Reacher and Stifler. A good mystery with some laughs thrown in.

The first in a great new series featuring Texas Ranger Sarah Armstrong. Yeah, you read that right, Texas Ranger (the badass law enforcement type, not the team formerly owned by George W.).

Sarah is a great new character in the mystery genre, whip smart, caustic, loyal, and better than t
he men at their own game. The Texas setting is as authentic as they come, and Casey's a star in the True Crime genre already, imbuing her debut with the kind of research that give this book an extra oopmh.

Ok, the only mystery here is why after reading this book you might wake up naked in Central Park with a receipt from the San Diego Zoo.

Alex Bash is one of the funniest writers I've ever read, and THE IMBIBLE is not only the end-all-be-all of drinking game guides, it's legitimately one of the funniest books of the year. I mean, just look at this praise:

"A stunning debut by that guy who kept us up 'til 4am with drunken choruses of Wonder Wall..." - The Sorority Next Door

"The Imbible introduces Bash as a major new talent in the genre of 'books most likely to make you run through campus naked…'" – Officer Hernandez

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