Saturday, August 02, 2008

An Open Letter to John McCain

Dear Senator McCain -

Up until this week, I was undecided as to who I was going to vote for in the upcoming election. I have had great respect for you, and had you been the nominee in 2000 or 2004 there is a good chance you would have received my vote. With perhaps the most important election in decades upon us, I wanted to be sure my vote for President in 2008 was for the right candidate. I am terribly disappointed that you have made that decision easy for me.

Your below-the-belt, lowest common denominator advertisements, coupled with your campaign's recent comments towards the New York Times, have shown me that despite your exemplary past service to your country, you are a cynical, cynical politician. Wait, scratch that, Politician should be capitalized.

I am sick and tired of presidential administrations that treat Americans like idiots, and Presidents who prefer to mock those who disagree with them rather than holding their head high and showing doubters the correct and decent path. Mocking a company's financial troubles the same week in which over 50,000 Americans lost their jobs is simply demented. Whether you agree with the Times or not, many good people have lost their jobs there and at other companies due to the current economic catastrophe. In case you haven't noticed, the newspaper industry is in a crisis, and the Times is not the only organization suffering. It's nice to know you take such perverse pleasure in this. I want my President to consider the job stability and happiness of all Americans to be important, not just those who nod and smile.

If you spent nearly as much effort and "creative juices" showing us how you are going to solve the current economic problem as you have been comparing your adversary to vapid, crotch-baring, sex-tape selling celebrities, you might win over voters like me. In the end, Senator, you have proven you're just another page from the same sad book. A Politician. I'm tired of those. I was hoping you might be too.

Our president should be a person all Americans can look up to. A person who reflects the very best of us, and in us. Shouldn't the highest position in our country be manned by someone who is simply put, the very best of what the United States has to offer? Can you truly look us in the eye and say these recent actions are what we should expect from our leaders? That this is the best you have to offer? I am tired of cynicism. We need a President who can weather the storm, rather than one who mocks the rain. 

After the willful and/or ignorant deceit of the Bush administration, America needs a government willing to be transparent. This past week you have been transparent. You have shown us your true colors, Senator. And it is not a pretty sight.

Thank you for helping me make up my mind.
Jason Pinter


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