Thursday, March 12, 2009

City of Angels

Apologies for the lack of posts, but I'm on a business/pleasure trip in L.A. for the week. A few thoughts:

--I had the best coffee of perhaps my life yesterday at the Griddle Cafe on Sunset. Just delicious (making Homer Simpson drooling noise).

--I've stopped at four bookstores, and every one of them had at least one of my books. It's really just a thrill to see them outside of New York.

--Met up with my buddy/Killer Year mate Brett Battles yesterday. He introduced me to a very cool coffee shop called The Novel Cafe that seems very conducive to writing. Just tables and tables of people writing on laptops and drinking coffee while surrounded by packed bookshelves. I might have to steal this shop and bring it back to NYC.

--Californians don't have much perspective when it comes to weather. During our time here it's been 65 degrees and sunny, and people are literally apologizing to us for the terrible weather. Little do they know that last week I was literally digging our car out of the snow with a broom.

--Apparently Los Angeles basically shuts down at the slightest hint of rain. I actually kind of want to witness this.

--I'll be going to Barry Eisler's signing at the Mystery Bookstore on Saturday. This will be my first time seeing the renowned store (not my first time seeing Barry), and I'm very excited.

--Tonight we're having dinner and drinks with two friends, one who writes for a fantastic tv show and another who's a junior agent. Trying to get the whole L.A. experience. Tomorrow I will walk around in front of Grauman's and hope to be discovered. A nice producer already asked if I might be interested in writing for "independently-produced, mature-themed videos starring today's hottest young talents." This sounds like a great opportunity, though I did find it strange that he said I'd need to take a blood test before reporting to work. Hmm...



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If Skylight books wasn't one of your stops, I'd recommend it. It's smaller, but it has a cozy atmosphere, knowledgeable no-hassle staff, and regularly has readings and book release parties. It's in Los Feliz on Vermont, two blocks south of Franklin.

The Mexican Mocha at Sabor Y Cultura is my favorite caffeinated drink in the whole town -- whatever hot chocolate they use in it is delicious and other coffee spots haven't been able to reproduce the taste. It's in Hollywood on Hollywood, two blocks west of Western.

At the very least, those should give you a reason to come back. Enjoy our city.

PS that writing job would require you to commute to the valley; they don't tell you that when you sign up.

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