Sunday, November 01, 2009

THE HUNTERS: never-before-published ebook available now!

Starting today, you can download the FREE never-before-published Henry Parker ebook novella THE HUNTERS. This free book is available on both the Amazon Kindle and for many other ereaders and your home PC (includingthe Cooler e-reader, Sony e-reader, and the Barnes & Noble Nook)

Inside this tightly coiled package you'll get:

--THE HUNTERS: a thrilling novella that packs as much suspense and emotion into its pages as possible.

--An exclusive note from me to readers

--A "Who's Who" in the world of Henry Parker

--An exclusive excerpt from my next Henry Parker novel: THE DARKNESS.

Download THE HUNTERS for:

Amazon Kindle

PDF/Other ereaders (read this novella right from your computer screen!)

After one of the most harrowing weeks of Henry Parker's life, night has finally come. Settled in with Amanda Davies, he sleeps before preparing to chase a story alongside his mentor, Jack O'Donnell.

Meanwhile Jack sits on the other side of town, fresh out of rehab, hoping to salvage a once-great career derailed by public humiliation. This is Jack's last chance to leave his mark.

Elsewhere in the city, two killers are on the move. They are brutal, calculating, and after tonight their decade's long plan will come to fruition. But before the morning comes they have a few stops to make...

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