Friday, July 20, 2007

Farewell Black Orchid

I was saddened to hear that the Black Orchid, the venerated independent mystery bookshop on 81st between 2nd and first, will be closing its doors in September. The Orchid has been a part of my life for years. When I was in high school, my father would make a weekly sojourn, saying, "I'm going to the Black Orchid, can I pick you up anything?" He never went with a particular book in mind, but always came back carrying three or four knowing Bonnie and Joe had steered him in the right direction. I always read the books he brought back, so they're likely as responsible for my love of crime fiction as anyone.

It was a pleasure to frequent the Orchid the past few years as both an author and a fan, and I'm honored to have held a book signing there before they closed the doors. Bonnie and Joe are legends for a reason, and even though their shop won't be there, they'll still be in our hearts.

Best of luck in whatever the future may bring. We're going to miss you.

So on August 16th come, raise a glass, and ask Bonnie and Joe to recommend a few good books. You won't be sorry.


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